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From June 27 through July 1, RPS will be offering an exciting goalie camp for goalkeepers age 8 through 17. 

For goalies age 12 through 17 it is a full day camp from 9am - 4pm. For goalies age 8 - 11 it's a half day camp,  9am - 12pm.


During the full day camp, goalkeepers will work on improving their technical, tactical, mental, and physical skills. Training sessions will focus on footwork, distribution, angle play, dealing with shots, flank balls and high balls, through balls, breakaways, decision-making and communication. Goalies will be on the field and in the classroom.  

With the younger age group in the morning, all the focus will be on improving the basic technical and tactical skills and building a strong foundation for a great goalie career.

The RPS camp staff  consists of experienced and specialized college, club and high school goalkeeper coaches.  


All goalies will receive a special RPS camp package, which includes a pair of Mauer goalie gloves!


It is our goal to provide every goalkeeper with a fun week of goalie training, and the tools they need to continue to improve long after the conclusion of camp. 

Dates: Monday, June 27 through Friday, July 1.

Age U12 - U17 from 9am - 4pm. On Friday we end at 3pm. 

Age U8 - U11 from 9am - 12/Noon.

Location: Kendev Field (grass), Main Street, Tonawanda, NY. 

Summer Goalie Training Sessions
on Friday and Saturdays

Continue to improve your goalkeeping skills during the outdoor season! These weekly training sessions take place on Friday from5.30pm - 6.30pm and on Saturday from 10am - 11am, at Kendev Field, 313 Main Street Tonawanda. The sessions run from May 27 through July 22. No session on July 1 & 2. The program is open to goalkeepers of all levels born between 2004 and 2011 U11 through U18.

What to Expect at Goalie Training

A soccer game can be divided into four main moments; Attacking, Defending and the two moments of Transition. During these four  moments, the modern soccer goalie has very specific jobs to do. The goalie must save shots (Defending), pass the ball to a teammate accurately (Attacking) and quickly move into the right position after a change of possession (Transition). During all these moments the goalie also has to be a verbal leader and a coach.

At our training sessions, goalies will work on their role in all those moments.

We have broken the job down in four specific training topics;

A. Saving Shots, B. Intercepting Through Balls/Dealing with a Breakaway/1v1, C. High/Low Crosses, and D. Distribution.

We rotate these four topics every training session. 

However, when the main topic of a session is for example Distribution, the goalie will still work on all the other aspects of goalkeeping too. Distribution could be coupled on High Crosses from the Flanks and Saving Shots. Each training activity will be in a game setting and consist of several game realistic actions. 

With this training approach, we are able to create well-rounded, modern soccer goalies. And every training session is full of variation and therefore exciting and fun! 


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We are excited to announce our partnership with Mauer Athletics, producer of outstanding, trendy, affordable goalkeeper gloves. Check out the Mauer website and don't forget to use the 20% discount code: RPSGK1 


Train at Home - Use It or Lose It!

Even though soccer teams are back on the field again for training and games, you can (and should) still improve your goalie skills at home. Below find some great videos that will give you ideas about what you can do by yourself in the backyard, in the park or on a neighborhood field. Enjoy!

Video 1: Warming Up without Ball
Video 2: Warming Up with Ball
Video 3: Footwork & Agility
Video 4: Training - Falling, Diving, High Balls 
Video 5: Distribution

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RPS offers clinics, camps, individual and small group training sessions for soccer goalies  of all levels and ages; from youth goalies age nine to the senior level; from recreational to college and pro level goalkeepers.


We will also set up goalie training programs for soccer

clubs who are looking for help with their goalkeepers.


Don't hesitate to contact RPS for more information.


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Rudy Pompert

Owner, Director



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Dear Soccer Friends,


Thank you very much for visiting my website.  I hope that you will find all the information you were looking for. If you have any additional questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me right away.

I am very excited about all the new goalie training programs and events that will be offered to soccer goalies in Western New York year round. It is my goal to improve the quality of goalkeeping in our area, transfer the passion that I have for the goalie position to future generations, and for all of us to have a very positive experience, while working as hard as we can to improve our skills.

Goalie was the only position I wanted to play. And to improve my skills, I  started 'studying' top goalies from a very young age. During my playing days, I started to attend coaching courses of the KNVB, the Dutch Soccer Association, because I knew that I wanted to pass my experience, knowledge and passion on to future generations. I have been lucky to have been mentored by some world renowned goalie coaches and seen top soccer goalies at work from very close by. Over the  past 25  years I have trained and coached goalies of all levels and ages, from House League level to world class professionals and I look forward to continue to do so for many more years.

I look forward to seeing you at the field soon!

Rudy Pompert

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